Special Photography Projects

Have a specific need for a photography project not covered in standard packages?

Contact me now so we can figure out how I can best meet your needs. I’m always open to new ideas and love to look at individual requests with a creative eye. Aside from traditional personal photography, I am adept at Photoshop work, HDR photography, time-lapse imagery, slideshow and album design (even with images that are not mine), landscape and structural photography, and many other areas from which I can draw experience to creatively address your needs.

Whether you want personalized art to hang on your walls, an image of your family flying through space fighting off an alien invasion, or anything in between, I have the knowledge, creativity, and equipment to get the job done. No idea is too incomplete or too out there. Above all, I love to exceed my clients’ expectations at a fair price and have fun doing it!

Examples of projects I've tackled in the past:

  • Personalized inspiration posters with original imagery
  • Image series of places that have meaning to a couple (for personalized wall decorations in their home)
  • Crazy ideas for holiday cards/images (we can create almost anything you can think of)
  • Original classroom posters
  • HDR church images
  • Landscape/environmental photography of the local area
  • Much, much more